Writing Strategies for Those with ADHD


Writing Strategies for Those with ADHD

A common question I get asked a lot is “how do I help my child, who has ADHD, improve their writing?”

I bet every student is taught the stages of writing. These are especially important for those with ADHD who often procrastinate and rush through without organizing or editing very well.

The first stage of writing is brainstorming or coming up with ideas.

The second is organizing, which usually leads to an outline.

The third is drafting or taking that outline and translating ideas into complete sentences and paragraphs.

The forth is revising ideas.

And finally, the fifth stage is editing basic things like punctuation.

Here is the key: these stages need to be tackled separately at different times. Students with ADHD often try mushing these stages together… NOT GOOD! Each one has to have its own work session, that way the student never takes on too much at once.

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