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Children with differentiated learning are fine just the way they are. It’s time for the education system to change for them – not the other way around.

Why “One Size Fits All” Doesn’t Work in the Education System

Having a child with ADHD can be tough. I’ve definitely struggled with who Gabe is over the years. As a baby, he would just lay on the floor surrounded by toys and...
Parenting is not an easy task. It takes daily effort and constant reevaluation. Here are 5 ways parents can teach empathy and compassion to kids.

5 Ways Parents Can Teach Empathy and Compassion to Their Children

I love and enjoy what I do, I teach parents how to have difficult conversations with their children. Teaching them on how to keep the line of communication free and clear.
Let’s talk about some things that you, as a parent or caregiver, can do to help the sibling of a child with special needs.

10 Ways to Help a Child with a Special Needs Sibling

Parents of a special needs children may encounter myriad issues.  Some of the issues are expected such as the additional expense, mental and emotional drain, and day-to-day management of life.
Slim and easily concealed, the Juul has been established among youth as the vaping device of choice. The brand has even morphed into its own verb – juuling.

What You Need to Know About the Rise of Vaping Among Teens

I recently spoke to a group of high school parents and administrators about the current substance use trends among teens. After the presentation, one of the school counselors brought out a box...
During the holidays, try to focus on the great behaviors you see. Focusing on gratitude can create a sense of attention to what really matters.

How Parents Can Provide a Kinder Holiday

I agreed to an Elf on the Shelf when I was in a particularly vulnerable time. My oldest was in kindergarten, and I had just gone back to work after maternity leave for baby...