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Self-control games are great for learning, teaching, and practicing skills. Use these 5 self-control games to teach your children essential life skills!

5 Self-Control Games to Teach Your Children

I will never forget the first day when I picked my son up from daycare. He was just over 5 months old, and they had him sitting in a wooden box that was covered...
Teens are delaying adulthood. 18 is now the new 15 for today’s teens, and young adults often act more like teens. If you want your teens to grow up, stop...

Parents, STOP Doing These 3 Things If You Want Your Teens to Grow Up!

Teens are delaying adulthood. 18 is the new 15 for today’s teens, and young adults often act more like teens. The summer of my fifth-grade year was when I worked my first job. Growing up...
Family traditions come in many forms. They may occur daily or may only happen occasionally. Here's how you can build bonds that last using family tradition!

Using Family Traditions to Build Bonds That Last

Around Halloween this year, my daughters (ages 4 and 9) started asking about baking Christmas cookies together! While this may be off-season, my daughters were ready to start planning our “Girls Cookie Baking Day.” Each...
bullying and social exclusion

Helping Your Child with Bullying and Social Exclusion

What Parents Need to Know to Help Their Child Navigate Bullying and Social Exclusion It's lunch time in a busy school cafeteria and while you see several empty seats at the table, when you start...
The symbolism of the first shave is pretty obvious. For the boy, it represents entry into puberty. Facial hair is a physical representation of circulating hormones. Shaving that hair is a metaphor for getting a handle on all the changes occurring within the young male body.

Shaving: Things My Three Sons Better Know Before Moving Out

As a father to three sons, I have embarked on a mission to impart in them life lessons of the utmost importance. These are my stories. Life Lesson #33- Shaving Without Major Facial Lacerations The peach...