Tuesday, October 16, 2018


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My child had her first day of school and we were in the ring. Stressed and itching to fight, she took the first swing. How many rounds are you willing to go with your child? This is a parent's guide to boxing.

Parent’s Guide to Boxing: How Many Rounds Are You Willing to Go with Your...

A Parent's Guide to Boxing I have never actually watched a boxing match, so please excuse me if my terminology is a bit off in this article. And, to be clear, no punches were actually...
When I work with families, I like to view them as a small business. Check out these four ways you can run your household like a business!

Struggling with Family Structure? Run Your Household Like a Business!

When I work with families, I like to view them as a small business. Family is a business that has a top-down culture, meaning the founders of the business have the majority say in...
School can be difficult and your child will inevitably need your help. Here are a few ways to ensure your child will have a successful school year.

10 Ways to Ensure Your Child Will Have a Successful School Year

School resuming session can be a stressful transition. Most of us have a hard time figuring out how to have a successful year and how to execute those things. Here are 10 easy-to-follow guidelines...
Why is packing school lunch such torture? What should we pack for a healthy lunch? Check out these healthy back-to-school lunch tips!

Healthy Back-to-School Lunch Tips from a Registered Dietitian

Kids are heading back-to-school! Beach plans are coming to an end, sleeping in and relaxed mornings are over. Majority of parents and caretakers are excited to see their children back into a routine and...

Journaling Important Experiences: Things My Three Sons Better Know Before Moving Out

As a father to three sons, I have embarked on a mission to impart in them life lessons of the utmost importance. These are my stories.   Life Lesson #66- Journaling Important Experiences It was an epic...