3 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Daily Without Meditation

You Don’t Need to Meditate to Practice Mindfulness

You don’t need to meditate to practice mindfulness. Some people misperceive mindfulness as a zen state or an emptying of the mind.

In reality, mindfulness is a focused attention on the present moment.

So, when we are mindless, we might drive home from work and totally forget our commute and zone out. When we are mindful, we pay attention to every detail of the commute.

We feel the wind on our face if the windows are down. We feel our hands on the steering wheel. We remember street names and signs. We recognize the sounds of cars passing.

The more you practice paying attention to the present moment, the stronger your mindfulness muscles become.

My favorite ways to practice mindfulness daily are mindful walks, mindful showers, and mindful eating. When you get distracted, bring your attention back to the present moment and focus on whatever activity you are doing.

The payoff of practice is that when our mindfulness muscles are strong, we know what’s unfolding in front of us and we can be strategic with our responses, instead of being reactive.

Practicing mindfulness puts you back in the driver’s seat of your experience. Test out these three ways you can practice mindfulness daily without meditation.

3 Ways to Practice Mindfulness Daily Without Meditation

1. Mindful Walk

Take a mindful walk by engaging all of the 5 senses. Notice what it feels like for your feet or shoes to hit the pavement and your weight shift in your shoes with each step.

Notice what you can see, hear, and smell in the environment. Feel the temperature and movement of the air around you. When you get distracted in your thoughts, come back to observing your surroundings with the 5 senses.

2. Mindful Eating

Mindful eating involves eating without any distractions or multitasking. Before you start to eat, notice how your food looks, smells and feels. Then eat slowly and intentionally, noticing the layers of taste and texture as you chew your food. Notice when you start to feel full or satisfied. 

3. Mindful Shower

In the shower we’re often planning the day ahead, listening to music or media content, or lost in thought. Try being in the present moment with a mindful shower by engaging the 5 senses.

Feel the water falling on your skin, notice the smell of your soap and how it lathers on your washcloth. When you get distracted in your thoughts, come back to observing your surroundings with the 5 senses.

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Elise Howell, LPCA
Elise's passion is to collaborate with teen girls and their families in navigating the unpredictable years of adolescence, and supporting women in cultivating healthy relationships with their whole selves. She engages with clients' strengths to help clients process their stories, build skills to move them towards their goals, and reconnect with what’s most important to them in life. When she is not watching classic romantic comedies, Elise enjoys kayaking, hiking, and beach days with her husband. She loves all things Harry Potter and musical theater.


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