Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Wellbeing is one of the deepest human desires, yet it can also be among the most elusive. Psychologists have learned important keys to living a better, richer life. Our top experts share the latest insights from current research and clinical practice to having the life you want. Delivered in a highly practical, down-to-earth style, you'll learn what mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors will lead you to being happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.



What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is when we pay attention by noticing and observing what is happening in the moment. Sometimes this means you are focused on one thing, like the brownie you are eating. You notice how it smells, looks, feels, and tastes. Practice mindfulness if you wish you had a pause button!

Wish You Had a Pause Button? Try Practicing Mindfulness!

Ever Wish You Had a Pause Button? Like when you sent that one text to your friend or couldn’t stop the stream of worried thoughts in your head before a presentation? Or when you were...
All-or-nothing thinking, or black-and-white thinking, is the “polarized lens” of cognitive distortions associated with mood swings and relational conflict.

Stuck in a Worn-Out Story? All-or-Nothing Thinking Could Be the Culprit

Pain is a part of the human experience, but it’s the unhelpful thoughts we have about our pain, and our response to these thoughts, that fuel psychological distress. In the world of psychology, these...
We need gratitude during the hardships of our life, but it doesn’t come easily. So, are you finding gratitude when things go wrong?

Finding Gratitude When Things Go Wrong

Gratitude gives perspective even in the darkest of times. When life is going well, it is easy to feel grateful and to be appreciative. When someone does something kind for us, it is easy...
Despite mandatory evacuations, many people refuse to evacuate natural disasters. Dr. Bilal Ghandour points to personalities and defensive mechanisms as two reasons why.

Why Some People Refuse to Evacuate

Despite mandatory evacuations of areas at risk of a hurricane hit, relatives and friends pleading to loved ones to leave a flood zone, we are now quite familiar with what happens: the large majority...
Should we continue using the word Asperger's? Having one’s identity rooted in the spectrum can be complicated when society...

Should We Continue Using the Word Asperger’s? A Psychologist’s Take

I am a psychologist who specializes in working with kids on the Autism spectrum. This population is near and dear to my heart as Autism runs in my family, but I also want these...