Thursday, August 16, 2018


Wellbeing is one of the deepest human desires, yet it can also be among the most elusive. Psychologists have learned important keys to living a better, richer life. Our top experts share the latest insights from current research and clinical practice to having the life you want. Delivered in a highly practical, down-to-earth style, you'll learn what mindsets, attitudes, and behaviors will lead you to being happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.



Insomnia makes you feel exhausted and exercising when exhausted is REALLY unappealing. But, if you can't sleep, here's why you should go for a run!

Can’t Sleep? Go for a Run!

As a behavioral sleep specialist, I spend a good portion of my day trying to help people who can’t sleep. One of the biggest errors that we make when trying to cope with insomnia...
No appliances. No kitchen. A plastic mattress. One desk. One wooden chair. One dresser. One wardrobe. Here's how to survive the dorm room.

How to Survive the Dorm Room

No candles. No appliances. No kitchen. No nails in the walls. Utilitarian oak furniture. A plastic mattress. One desk. One wooden chair. One dresser. One wardrobe. This isn’t some new trend in minimalism, it’s the...
If you want a true, impactful experience, I encourage you to study abroad. In fact, here are some lessons I've learned from studying abroad.

Lessons I’ve Learned from Studying Abroad

I’ll preface this by saying that I have always loved traveling. As a junior in high school I went on a mission trip to Peru and spent two weeks in Israel with my church,...
Flying across time zones can affect your circadian rhythm, causing flight fatigue. Don't know how to get over jet lag? Try out our 9 tips for long flights!

How to Get Over Jet Lag: 9 Tips for Long Flights

How to Get Over Jet Lag: 9 Tips for Long Fights Flying across time zones puts our internal circadian rhythm, or sleep/wake cycle, out of sync with our external environment. Eventually, our natural cycles will...
Let's face it, college is hard. Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, here are 10 ways to survive college academics and succeed in the classroom!

10 Ways to Survive College Academics and Succeed in the Classroom

Let’s face it: college is all about the social life. Gone is your family and provincial high school friends. It’s time to start from scratch; here’s your chance to be the life of the...