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If you buy the idea that intentional gratitude can benefit you, as well as the other person, I challenge you to take the 10-Day Gratitude Challenge.

Boost Your Happiness with This 10-Day Gratitude Challenge

Dr. Dave Verhaagen has begun a practical six-part series to help young adults live happier, healthier lives. Based on the acronym OMEGAS, he has already explored the benefits of intentional optimism, mindfulness,...
The fight against white privilege is near constant, and sometimes I feel like I’m losing the battle. I hope more white people become committed to the cause.

Acknowledging Your White Privilege is Uncomfortable But Necessary for Personal Growth

I feel very strongly that one of our sole purposes as humans is to be in a near constant state of growth - learning and adapting to new situations and people that...
Since our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all connected, one way chip away at anxious thinking. Here's how to challenge anxious thoughts.

5 Ways to Challenge Anxious Thoughts

Challenging Anxious ThoughtsSince our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all connected, one way to reduce anxiety symptoms is to work on challenging anxious thoughts. Challenging means to slowly...
Beginner’s mind asks us to approach old situations as if we were seeing them for the first time; with curiosity and non-judgment. Practice mindfulness by...

Expand Your Perspective with Beginner’s Mind

Expand Your Perspective with Beginner's MindCall to mind the last time you started something new - maybe a course, a job, a hobby, a relationship. Remember the quality...
Why are things funny? The psychology of humor, The Benign Violation, says humor occurs when two conditions apply at the same moment: violation and benign.

Why Are Things Funny? The Psychology of Humor

My mother was one of those parents who cared too much. And like a lot of parents who cared too much, she would often say things that were designed to keep her...