Finding employment for people with autism or aspergers can be difficult. Dr. Frank Gaskill shares five tips on how to get a job with autism or aspergers.

5 Pieces of Advice on Getting a Job with Aspergers or Autism

Is It Impossible to Get a Job with Aspergers or Autism?I am a psychologist and my area of expertise is with individuals who identify as either Autistic or Asperger’s. My...
All You Need to Know About Asperger's and Autismvideo

All You Need to Know About Asperger’s and Autism

All You Need to Know About Asperger's and AutismMy name is Dr. Gaskill and I specialize in working with kids, teens, and adults who are on the spectrum.
WOOP: The Research-Backed Method For Achieving Goals and Changing Habits

WOOP: The Research-Backed Method For Achieving Goals and Changing Habits

WOOP: Wish. Outcome. Obstacle. Plan.All of us have an area that we would like to improve in or grow as a person.This could be...
Why are things funny? The psychology of humor, The Benign Violation, says humor occurs when two conditions apply at the same moment: violation and benign.

Why Are Things Funny? The Psychology of Humor

My mother was one of those parents who cared too much. And like a lot of parents who cared too much, she would often say things that were designed to keep her...
Navigating the rules of texting and dating etiquette is one of the less fun aspects of dating. Let's talk about the psychology of texting back.

The Psychology of Texting Back: Text Messaging and Dating Etiquette

The Psychology of Texting BackRecommended listening: Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) – Backstreet Boys"Don't leave me hangin' here forever"The...
Admitting that we have implicit bias is tough because we White people don’t want to admit that we are part of the problem.

The Truth About Implicit Bias

In her book, The Dark Side of Light Chasers, Debbie Ford talks about how we consciously or unconsciously hide different aspects of ourselves, ultimately rejecting them because we are afraid to recognize...
Caregiver burnout is defined as a state of physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion that can lead to a change in attitude and

What is Caregiver Burnout?

What is caregiver burnout?Caregivers are often family or friends of somebody who has a debilitating illness, or disability, that require care far beyond the scope of medical resources.
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) uses the acronym DEARMAN (or DEAR MAN) to outline an effective way to ask for something or say no.

DEARMAN: The Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Acronym to Improve Communication

A lot of us have mixed feelings about saying “no” in certain situations or asking someone to do something for us.Maybe we feel guilty or inadequate for having...
It can be scary when a friend shows signs of an eating disorder, and it can feel overwhelming trying to decide how you should handle the situation.

How to Help a Friend with an Eating Disorder

Do you suspect that a friend has an eating disorder? It is likely that at some point in your life, you will have someone you care about that will struggle. Research tells...
March Family Madness: Taking "Your Team" All The Way | Psych Bytes Podcastvideo

March Family Madness: Taking “Your Team” All The Way | Psych Bytes Podcast

What does it mean to be a family? Some exclude families to only parents and blood relatives. Others define families as people who you genuinely love, trust, and care about.