Monday, December 10, 2018


We all desire connections with others, but healthy relationships are challenging. Whether you want a better relationship with your partner, child, co-workers, family, or friends, we've got great news for you. Our top relationship experts give you their best advice on everything from dating to social media to dealing with difficult people. You'll find practical advice on dozens of topics that will help you have happier, healthier relationships.



Intimacy can be defined as a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of. Here's how to reroute intimacy and connection.

How to Reroute Intimacy and Connection

It is more than half-way through another year and nothing has changed. You thought it would “just get better” eventually. At times life happens and suddenly you find yourself staring at your partner thinking,...
The truth about compatibility does not match the fairytale story and what much of Hollywood romance movies depict. You find that one you are compatible with and that is it… you are good to go. That's not usually the case. But what does it mean to be compatible?

What Does It Mean to Be Compatible: The Truth About Compatibility

In my early 20s as I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill I was in a slew of weddings. Many of my friends had found “the one” and were on their way to married life.I...
How does substance abuse and addiction sabotage healthy, stable relationships? Today’s topic: why you need to stop enabling an addict.

Enabling an Addict Only Makes Things Worse

Enablers Make Addiction the Center of the Relationship The following is the second of a three-part series exploring how substance abuse and addiction can sabotage healthy, stable relationships. Today’s topic, Enabling.It’s no secret that America...
Codependency is one of the most common consequences that befall relationships where someone is struggling with addiction. Codependent characteristics are...

Help, I’m Addicted to My Addict

How Substance Abuse and Addiction Can Sabotage Healthy, Stable Relationships The following is the first in a three-part series exploring how substance abuse and addiction can sabotage healthy, stable relationships. First up, Codependency.  What Exactly is Codependency? Codependency...
It took me months to figure out how to find day-to-day sanity in the dorm room. So, in order to save you the aggravation and mental exhaustion, I’ve compiled some tips here for you. Here's how to escape your roommate, even if you like them!

How to Escape Your Roommate: Even If You Like Them

I’m an only child and an introvert. So, I’m sure you can imagine what my Freshman year of college was like for me, living in a 10’x13’ room with a roommate, paper thin walls...