Backward Planning for Students with ADHD


Backward Planning for Students with ADHD

Is your child with ADHD scattered when it comes to long-term assignments? This is a very common problem with ADHD which can hinder organization.

A great way to improve this is backward planning!

3 Steps to Backward Planning:

1. Naming the goal, such as finishing a term paper and the deadline, which could be, say, October 28th.

2. List all of the tasks that need to be completed to achieve that goal. These could include picking a topic, researching, and writing the 1st draft.

3. Assign dates to each of these tasks, working backward from the final deadline, leaving enough time between the tasks to get them done. So, the first draft needs to be done by October 21st, and so on.

This all may seem really intuitive, but not for those with ADHD! They need coaching and prompting to use a system like backward planning until it is second nature.

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Dr. Craig Pohlman
Craig is a learning expert who has helped thousands of struggling students in his psychology career. He’s written extensively about learning issues, including the book How Can My Kid Succeed in School? He has three sons, so he has been up close and personal with things like cramming for tests, scrambling to finish homework, shuttling kids to sports practices, stuffing backpacks, etc. Follow him on Twitter - @DrCraigPohlman


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