What is Sport and Performance Psychology?


What is Sport and Performance Psychology?

Take a moment and think about you feel during a performance or executing a task. There is a field of study that does just that and it’s called sport and performance psychology.

Sport and performance psychology looks at the mental, emotional and relational components behind performance.

Research shows that there are psychological skills and techniques that help increase your performance and consistency.

These skills can be utilized with any performance domain, such as business, performing arts, and the military.

However, the one area that utilizes it the most is athletics because it takes a lot of mental strength to push through the physical challenges of sports.

That’s why it’s called sport and performance psychology!

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Désarée Festa, Ph.D., CC-AASP
Dr. Désarée Festa is a Sport & Performance Psychologist who specializes working with elite athletes, retired competitive athletes, and high level performers.Her sports experience includes working with Professional, Collegiate, Olympic/Team USA, and International level athletes and organizations. She also works with Corporations, working professionals, and individuals in the performing arts.Dr. Desaree helps her clients gain the competitive edge in their sport/careers by strengthening their mental resilience through performance enhancement techniques, research-based approaches, and cutting-edge biofeedback technology. She also helps her clients with the challenges of life that may or may not be impacting their sport/performance.Her goal is to optimize her clients’ life & performance.


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