Morning Routines for Parents


Here are some tips to get yourself out of the house in the morning and set up smooth routines for your children before school.

5 Morning Routines for Parents

1. What Can You Do the Night Before?

Pack up backpacks, check homework, sign agendas, and make lunch. Remember, the more you can do the night before, the less you need to do tomorrow morning when you’re rushing to get out the door.

2. Leave Time for Incidentals

They ALWAYS come up. As long as you budget the time, you’ll still get out the door on time without stressing too much.

3. Leave Time for What You Need To Do

It’s okay if your kids need to watch a 20-minute video before school so you can get dressed also. Again, just remember to schedule that time.

4. Avoid Your Phone in the Morning

Parents, don’t check emails and texts in the morning. This can get you off track and distracted when you should be paying attention to your kids and getting them out the door.

5. Set the Tone

Speak calmly and kindly to your children and get them off to a smooth start.

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