What is Non-Judgment?

Be mindful and check the facts!


So, what is non-judgment?

Non-judgment is a mindfulness practice of observing the events of your situation without judging them as good or bad, so you stick to the facts.

A lot of times we are reacting to our judgments about the situations, rather than the facts themselves.

So, say you’re talking to someone and they turn away from you…

You might interpret this as they don’t like you or don’t want to talk to you when in reality, the fact is they just turned away.

We do this a lot with text messages.

We get a text message and we assume that a sender had a certain intent or feel a certain way about us. However, the only information we have is the words of the text themselves.

What you can do is BEFORE you judge the text, check in with the person who sent the text and say “this is what I heard you say, is this what you meant?”

Be mindful and check the facts!

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