How to Teach Dinner Etiquette and Table Manners to Kids

If you use this dinner etiquette game habitually, table manners will become automatic.


One of the big complaints I get from parents in my practice is their kid’s manners and how to teach them etiquette and proper table manners during dinner.

I have a game that I play in my social skills group, but you can play it at home, and it’s the Etiquette Game.

You start by discussing what the table manners are. For example, don’t talk with your mouth full, don’t put too much food in your mouth, don’t smack your lips, use your napkin; basic stuff like that.

Next, you order a pizza (or any other food) that you know they really, really want. Sit down and start eating.

Every time your child breaks an etiquette rule or table manner, they receive one point. All you have to do is point at them and say “that’s one point.”

If your child receives three points, they have to put their food down and they cannot eat until you decide to let them continue eating.

That’s the etiquette game! If you use this game habitually, these table manners become automatic and you’ll never have to lecture or remind them again!

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