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Can People on the Spectrum Be Extroverted?

Yes, they can!

People on the spectrum can be extroverted or introverted; they’re all different types of people. However, this speaks to the fact that there is a stereotype out there where people on the spectrum are considered withdrawn, isolated or introverted.

It’s really the opposite.

Many of these people do want to have friends. They want to be out. They want to socialize. They just don’t do it the same way everybody else, which means they might get made fun of or excluded. That treatment can cause them to withdraw.

All people are different and all people on the spectrum are different. There’s not really a stereotype, other than maybe having a special interest and being hyper-focused.

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Dr. Frank Gaskill
Dr. Frank Gaskill is a licensed psychologist and co-founder of and He works with individuals on the Autism spectrum and consults on the development of Autism programs and private practice development across the country. Dr. Gaskill is the co-author of Max Gamer: Aspie Superhero as well as How We Built Our Dream Practice: Innovative Ideas for Building Yours.


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