What Is a Sport and Performance Psychologist?

What Is a Sport and Performance Psychologist?

Sport and performance psychologists are specialists of the mental side of sports and other performance domains, such as the performing arts, the workforce, and even the military.

We are experts on effective ways of thinking and feeling in order to maximize performance.

No matter the task you are doing, you are always using your brain!

Elite athletes and coaches know that it’s what happens between the ears that has the greatest impact on performance.

That’s why so many of them are using sport and performance psychologists.

But we’re also a two-for-one. Not only are we trained and certified in mental skills techniques; we are also licensed as psychologists.

So, when our athletes and performers have life things that pop up, we can help in those areas too.

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Désarée Festa, Ph.D., CC-AASP
Dr. Désarée Festa is a Sport & Performance Psychologist who specializes working with elite athletes, retired competitive athletes, and high level performers. Her sports experience includes working with Professional, Collegiate, Olympic/Team USA, and International level athletes and organizations. She also works with Corporations, working professionals, and individuals in the performing arts. Dr. Desaree helps her clients gain the competitive edge in their sport/careers by strengthening their mental resilience through performance enhancement techniques, research-based approaches, and cutting-edge biofeedback technology. She also helps her clients with the challenges of life that may or may not be impacting their sport/performance. Her goal is to optimize her clients’ life & performance.


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