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Why Is My Child Struggling with Sleep?

There are several characteristics in people that can make them more vulnerable to struggles with sleep.

People who have insomnia have a predisposition to developing these sleep struggles.

1. They have more challenges when there are changes to their sleep environment.

2. They are easily awakened and awakenings are more noticeable.

3. Their circadian clocks are easily disrupted.

You can see some of these signs in children as well, and there are a few ways that these can be handled.

Rather than trying to vary sleep environments so that they can get used to a lot of different conditions, you are better off creating a really stable environment where they do their sleep.

You want to make sure that soothing devices, like pacifiers or a blankie, are easy to find.

For pacifiers, it is helpful to have several of their favored brand in the same corner of their crib so they can easily find one.

Blankies are best if they are also easy to find, so bigger can be better once you are outside of the worry zone for SIDs.

Try to make sure that they are in the dark for sleep and get lots of light when they are supposed to be awake because this will help their clock system work well.

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