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Kristin Daley, Ph.D.

Dr. Kristin Daley received her doctorate in health psychology from UNCC. Her primary passion is working to support the World Health Organization’s definition of health: emotional, physical, and social health, through several cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approaches, including ACT Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

Dr. Daley started her career working in sleep medicine while completing her masters and her doctorate. She is one of approximately 200 psychologists who have completed certification in behavioral sleep medicine, and is trained to work with sleep disorders across the age spectrum.


Running turns on a part of our circadian rhythm that cues wakefulness, thus training our brain to know when it should be on or off. Running and sleep...

Running and Sleep: How Physical Activity Can Improve Sleep Quality

Running and Sleep: The Perfect PairAs a behavioral sleep specialist, I spend a good portion of my day trying to help people who can’t sleep. One of the...
Some people have no idea what it is like to struggle with body image. Here are some ways to disengage from negative body image.

3 Essential Tools for Anyone Struggling with Body Image

There has been a lot of buzz about body positivity over the past several years.From the “Embrace” documentary to Jessamyn Stanley’s Curvy Yoga, there has been a strong...

What Is… Insomnia? Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

For people who sleep well, sleep is effortless. If you ask anyone who is a great sleeper how it is that they developed this amazing habit, they will likely be challenged to...
We all need some mindfulness to be better employees in the workplace and avoid career burnout. These 3 mindfulness hacks will help improve work well-being!

Avoid Career Burnout with These 3 Mindfulness Hacks

Without mindfulness, too many type-A career overachievers end up killing their workplace and leadership dreams.These star performers burn out before they get the corner office or that seat...
Self-control games are great for learning, teaching, and practicing skills. Use these 5 games to teach self-control and self-discipline.

Start Playing These 5 Self-Control Games to Teach Your Child Essential Life Skills

Using Games to Teach Self-ControlI will never forget the first day when I picked my son up from daycare. He was just over 5 months old, and they...
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