3 Ways to Prepare for Your Cancer Diagnosis


3 Ways to Prepare for Your Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer. This is a word that can quickly capture your attention, especially in medical situations.

Hopefully, you’ll never face this terrible disease, but for those starting their battle, consider these important tips after your initial diagnosis


1. Get One Notebook to Take to All of Your Appointments

Write down any questions you might have beforehand. What are your treatment options? What side effects might you experience?

You’re likely feeling overwhelmed, and having one place to keep track of your pressing questions will be helpful.

Doctors will also use fancy words and medical language that may be hard to follow.

Having a notebook will help you keep track of your thoughts and questions as information is shared with you and your treatment plan unfolds


2. Find out Information About Your Specific Type of Cancer and Get Connected

Your doctor may guide you towards local cancer support groups, but the American Cancer Society has resources online for finding support programs and services in your area.


3. Consider Bringing a Family Member or Friend to Your Initial Appointments

It is so important to lean in on others and to allow them to help you during this difficult time in your life. Your journey may be scary but know that you’re not alone.


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