Love Your Children by Loving Your Partner


Love Your Children by Loving Your Partner

Hi, I’m Dr. Frank Gaskill, and I’m here to talk to you about couples therapy. When you’re dealing with partners in relationships, you end up having difficulties.

We’re humans, we make mistakes. Couples therapy can dramatically impact an entire family.

Yes, sometimes teens need individual work; family therapy is useful, too. But when I’ve talked to couples, and I say, “How is your relationship going?” if they’re struggling, the kids know it too.

It’s a trickle-down effect: the kids are hurting, the kids get scared, and they have these fears. For you to alleviate that, you have to dig in deep.

Work with your partner in couples therapy and show your commitment to one another so that your kids will see it, and your kids will pass that commitment down to your grandkids.

Love your children by loving each other. Find a couples therapist. It works.

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