How to Improve Reading Comprehension


How to Improve Reading Comprehension 

It can be really hard for students to interpret symbolic language, or code words that an author or poet uses to convey important messages.

Literature intended for younger children can help with this.

It makes word decoding much easier and the stories are short, which places less stress on concentration.

Some children’s literature is rich with figurative language and deeper meanings.


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For instance, on the surface, Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree is a pretty straightforward story. But there is so much there for even adults to absorb and discuss.

In addition, illustrations in children’s books can provide boosts to comprehension, including the capacity to visualize what you’re reading, which is called cognitive cinema.

So if you’re working with a student who struggles with reading comprehension, try having them read “down” to bring comprehension up.

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