How Can I Help My Teen Grow Up?

How Can I Help My Teen Grow Up?

If parents want to help launch their teens into adulthood, start by not doing the following three things:

1. STOP Doing Things They Can Do for Themselves

Parents, if you do everything for your kids, don’t expect them to naturally outgrow that level of help.

2. STOP Sweating the Small Stuff (and Most of It Is Small Stuff)

Too often, parents are hyper-focused and overly involved in every aspect of their kid’s lives, big and small. And it’s doing nobody any favors.

3. STOP Preventing Them from Failing and Facing the Consequences of Their Choices

Your willingness to see your child struggle communicates that you believe they are capable and that they can handle any outcome, even a negative one.

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Jonathan Hetterly, LCMHC
Jonathan Hetterly is a licensed professional counselor. He specializes in helping teen and young adult men navigate the challenges they face in life. Jonathan is also a writer and his articles are regularly featured on and He has contributed material to several books that explore the intersection of pop culture and psychology, including The Walking Dead Psychology, Star Wars Psychology, and Game of Thrones Psychology.


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