Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Jonathan Hetterly, LPC

Jonathan Hetterly is a licensed professional counselor. He specializes in helping teen and young adult men navigate the challenges they face in life. Jonathan is also a writer and his articles are regularly featured on PsychBytes.com and ShrinkTank.com.

He has contributed material to several books that explore the intersection of pop culture and psychology, including The Walking Dead Psychology, Star Wars Psychology, and Game of Thrones Psychology.


Research tells us that using our money for shared experiences, rather than things, will bring a lot more meaningfulness and joy into a person's life.video

Give the Gift of Shared Experiences This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Shared Experiences This Holiday Season I see a lot of clients over the holidays that have conflicting feelings about the holidays.Often times, they find gift giving to be shallow and insignificant....
How should you feel during the holidays? The better question is, “how do you feel during the holidays?" Use these self-care tips for the holiday season!

Self-Care Tips for the Holiday Season

Emotions do not exist in a vacuum. They are influenced by our thoughts and our behaviors. As we contemplate healthy living during the holidays, the following tips and tools are designed to enhance our...
The holiday season is a time for family members to enjoy each other's company, yet some struggle to look past conflict and drama. Using relational tips, you can improve your holiday season!

Relational Tips, Tricks, and Tools for the Holiday Season

Ideally, the holidays are like the inspirational Hallmark holiday films where everybody pitches in, works together, and family members enjoy each other’s company.Realistically, for some families, the holidays are closer to reality television, where...
When you love an addict, focusing on yourself can seem counter-intuitive, even selfish. After all, you aren’t the addict. However, using boundaries helps you love yourself.

When You Love an Addict, Boundaries Help You Love Yourself

The following is the third and final article of a three-part series exploring how substance abuse and addiction can sabotage healthy, stable relationships. Today’s topic, boundaries.I have found that it is very easy to...
What does the holiday season represent to you? How do find your true purpose for the holidays? It starts with your spiritual and philosophical framework.

Spiritual and Philosophical Tips and Tools for the Holiday Season

Find Your True Meaning of the Holidays If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, it’s hard to hit the target.  That truism applies to many things in life.  It certainly applies to enjoying the...