Being Bored is Good for Kids

Being Bored is Good for Kids: What to Do When Your Children Are Bored

If you’re a parent, I can guarantee you’ve heard your kids say, “I’m bored. I don’t know what to do.”

Well, the idea of being bored is really good for kids because eventually, they’ll figure out what to do, they’ll get creative.

With the advent of video games, it’s really hard for kids to be bored unless parents are setting limits.

When you limit electronics, it forces a child to be bored. Boredom creates creativity.

One example is I say, in my house, “no electronics today.” They get bored, and then two hours later they’re building a fort in the front yard or they’ve pulled out legos, toys, or they’re playing a game.

So, boredom is good, you don’t need to entertain your kids all the time.

When a kid says, “I’m bored”, you can look at them and say, “Good! I hope you figure that out” and you go on about your day, and they’ll figure it out, too.

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Dr. Frank Gaskill
Dr. Frank Gaskill is a licensed psychologist and co-founder of Southeast Psych, Psych Bytes, and Shrink Tank. He works with individuals on the Autism spectrum and consults on the development of Autism programs and private practice development across the country. Dr. Gaskill is the co-author of Max Gamer: Aspie Superhero as well as How We Built Our Dream Practice: Innovative Ideas for Building Yours.


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