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Why Don’t Diets Work?

Dieting is a multi-billion-dollar global industry that has tapped into our culture’s fear of being overweight.

Research shows that diets don’t work long-term and 95% of the time lead to weight regain within 1-5 years.

A diet is also often approached as a temporary food plan, meaning it’s not sustainable.

Many diets are restrictive of essential nutrients and are so rigid that it takes all of the pleasure out of eating.

Our bodies have a set body weight and percentage of fat that is predetermined by our genetics.

It’s where our bodies are programmed to function optimally.

Our bodies will fight to maintain that range so when someone diets many changes happen making it practically impossible to keep the weight off.

There are neurological changes that cause us to notice food more, hormonal changes that make us feel hungrier, and biological changes that slow our metabolism down.

Ironically, losing the diet mentality is often when people lose weight because they’ve subscribed to a lifestyle of pleasurable eating that includes all foods in moderation coupled with appropriate exercise – and your body lands right where it’s supposed to be!

Stop believing all the lies from the fashion and diet industries. Focus on learning to love and accept yourself. Your self-worth is not determined by your size.

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