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Why Are Today’s Teens Anxious?

Anxiety is a familiar experience for today’s teenagers. The weight of school work and pressure to perform at increasingly higher standards seems unrelenting.

Teens report little relief from anxiety even after major tasks are accomplished, and they report levels of anxiety disproportionate to present stressors.

Worry about a low grade on a test is more than meets the eye.

From your teen’s perspective, one failure might block their change at future success, which usually means earning a spot at a top university and landing a stable job.

To your teen, failure could mean anything less than a perfect performance.

“What if’s” and worries about the future create tunnel vision as teens feel the pressure of perfection closing in.

It can be difficult for teens to connect with the thinking brain to challenge these beliefs, especially when anxiety has hijacked the emotional part of the brain.

In my next video, I’ll explore ways to support your teen in coping with anxiety and finding peace in the present.

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