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Which Famous Aspie Are You?

Which Famous Aspie Are You? The Lemon Continuum

People on the spectrum typically have exceptional memories for subjects in which they are interested and have an intense ability to hyperfocus. They also tend to be obsessive in pattern recognition.

However, with strengths come difficulties, especially in the realm of socialization. Just think about this: if a mind is wired to do one or two things exceptionally well and that mind is designed to do this for hours on end, why would socialization be emphasized?

Individuals on the Spectrum tend to be intelligent and possess an obsessive interest that can be literal. They also tend to be justice oriented.

The most common challenge they face is how to process and respond appropriately to social communication which is primarily nonverbal in nature.

Many people consider Asperger's to be a disorder, or they hold a stereotype of these individuals as being introverted or feared due to unfair media stereotypes. The stereotype could not be further from the truth.

"How much lemon do you have in the water? Take our quiz below!"

If you have met one Aspie, then you have met on Aspie. Just as there are many introverted and extroverted people who struggle with depression, attention, or anxiety, the same can be said of those who are Aspie.

Everyone is different. 

Through analogy, I describe the Autism Spectrum as the Lemon Continuum. Imagine a glass of water, a glass of water with a side of lemon, lemon-flavored water, lemonade, a lemon, and a lemon farm. The Lemon Continuum is less and more, but never bad.

How much lemon is in the water helps on understand where an Aspie may fall on the continuum.

So let's find out... How much lemon do you have in the water?

When I think of socializing, I consider myself...

1. Extroverted and very skilled
2. Moderately ok with social situations, but tire of them easily
3. Having a short social fuse and need quiet environments
4. Very awkward socially and avoid complex social interactions

When I think about clothing...

1. I can wear almost anything and want to be sure I am stylish
2. I don't pay much attention and I am rather practical
3. Certain fabrics annoy me, and I'd rather be wearing a Star Wars or superhero shirt
4. Sweatpants and a t-shirt are all I wear

As a child, I was typically...

1. Obsessed with sports and was very coordinated
2. Interested in sports, but typically just watched
3. Obsessed with statistics in a particular sport, such as baseball or football
4. Not interested in sports at all

When it comes to my appearance and hygiene...

1. I consider it offensive to not go out properly groomed and I use cologne/perfume
2. I can be physically messy, but will clean up before I go out in public
3. I can often go for a few days without showering and will often wear the same clothes each day
4. I often forget to brush my teeth, comb my hair, and don't realize how people feel around me

When I have changes in my schedule or routine...

1. It can be exciting
2. It's no big deal and I can go with the flow
3. I tend to feel anxious and irritated
4. I can barley function; change is bad

When it came to having friends growing up...

1. I found it easy to make friends and keep them
2. I found it easy to make friends, but it was hard to keep them
3. I was not invited to do anything, and I felt isolated even though I wanted friends
4. I did not need friends

When I look at people's facial expressions and body language...

1. I find it easy to understand them and sometimes feel their feelings
2. I have a generally decent understanding of non-verbal communication
3. I find it difficult to understand non-verbal communication and often misinterpret people's feelings
4. I have to be literally told what people feel as I can not read them at all

When it comes to food and restaurants...

1. I enjoy a wide variety of food and consider myself a foodie
2. I like quite a few foods, but can be somewhat picky
3. As a kid, I only ate a few foods, including pizza, chicken nuggets, and bread, but I've gotten better as I've gotten older
4. I only eat certain foods from certain places and do not deviate from my eating habits at all

When it comes to academic interests...

1. I'm not too into academics, but prefer celebrity gossip
2. I tend to be widely read and enjoy knowing a little bit about a lot
3. I'm obsessed with a few topics such as history and engineering
4. I'm known as an obsessive person who digs very deeply into a particular subject and know more than most people on that particular subject (Roman history, weather, politics, math, etc.)

When it comes to the arts...

1. I am not very interested in art, but I like to doodle
2. I have an interest in fine art and have studied it somewhat
3. Art is my life and how I make my living
4. I am very into Cosplay, Anime, Manga, and have made my own costumes

All 10 questions completed!

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Which Famous Aspie Are You?

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