Are You Doomed This Holiday Season?

Are You Doomed This Holiday Season?

Are You Doomed This Holiday Season?

1. Sick children.
2. You are sick.
3. A car that might or might not make it to the final-destination.
4. I don't have to travel. / Everyone is coming to visit me.

1. More people than can comfortably fit in your home?
2. Guests who are always late or have some sort of critique about everything served?
3. Family and friends that are equally fun and responsible guests who appreciate everything?
4. Nobody! You get to be served and don't have to worry about anything.

1. Won't stop bringing up politics despite everyone's best attempts to change subjects OR have children who are always misbehaving?
2. MUST give a better gift despite the three pre-holiday emails reiterating how gifts should be NO MORE than the agreed upon price?
3. My in-laws / friends are not coming to visit.
4. Have no problems? You get along well with all your family and friends?

1. Your children believing that sleep is not a necessity if presents are involved, therefore you've lost sleep?
2. Despite many promises to yourself, you have once again, decided to wait until the last minute before Christmas to get gifts?
3. Having family and friends over who believe staying in your house is a hotel?
4. Nothing! You have been able to relax, spend time with loved ones, and do the things you enjoy.

1. Your parents or relatives will pick a large family gathering to publicly discuss potential marriage?
2. You're not worried, other than some playful banter?
3. You trusted one family member or friend with a secret about your relationship that you didn't want them to share, but it slipped out?
4. Because holidays can be highly stressful and your family can be rude and off-putting at times?

1. You are visiting your friends/spouse or other relatives that you have never visited or had to visit before?
2. You like your family, but other than being your family, you don't have a lot in common?
3. You like order, cleanliness, and structure in your home, but your family doesn't seem to care?
4. You're not anxious. You can set clear boundaries, find time for yourself, and engage in small talk.

1. Buy your spouse/significant other a gift because you were so worried about buying gifts for the kids, relatives, or friends?
2. Pack/ship all the gifts you bought, so you now must send someone a late gift?
3. Forgot to invite or call your relatives that are not visiting?
4. You didn't forget anything! You bought all the gifts for everyone on your list!

1. Respect your family's personal space and boundaries, are willing to help around the house?
2. Your in-laws are not visiting this holiday season.
3. Follow you around like you've never cooked or cleaned before in your life, feel the need to "make suggestions" about everything?
4. Have difficulty being in the same room together, but are pleasant separately?

All 8 questions completed!

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Are You Doomed This Holiday Season?

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