Caregivers are an essential component of caring for people who are dealing with diseases, aging, and physical struggles.

Our communities caregivers, such as nurses and doctors, are the backbone of these people’s daily activities, helping them do normal tasks and live a healthy life. 

Caregivers can include nurses, doctors, therapists, or other people in the medical or mental health field. It can also include people who are taking care of a sick loved one.

Unfortunately, caregivers can experience what is known as “caregiver burnout” causing them to struggle to help those under their care. 

Caregiver burnout is defined by the Cleveland Clinic as, “a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion. It may be accompanied by a change in attitude, from positive and caring to negative and unconcerned.”

Caregivers can experience this phenomenon when they don’t have a support system to help them as they help others or they overextend themselves while trying to help. 

It is important for caregivers’ friends and family to support and encourage them while they do their job. 

Here’s how you can support your friendly neighborhood caregiver. 

3 Ways to Show Support for Caregivers and Healthcare Workers Through COVID-19

1. Follow CDC Guidelines

The best way to care for a nurse during this time is for everyone to follow the recommendations from the CDC.

Practice proper hand hygiene and coughing/sneezing technique, don’t travel, practice social distancing and encourage others to do so as well. 

2. Donate Useful Items

Donate Clorox wipes or cleaning supplies to nurses so they can sanitize our homes, cars, and etc. Consider creating care packages for postmen, waste management, and UPS people. 

As always, a meal and a good bottle of wine is a nice touch. 

3. Encourage Them

A motivational text is always encouraging; FaceTime talks and hangouts are an awesome way to boost their mood. 

Just checking in through a text or call shows someone cares, is worried, and appreciates what healthcare workers do. 

If healthcare workers get sick, no one will be there to care for others who need them. Do your part and STOP the spread. If not for you, for others you potentially infect without knowing it. 

Encouraging and supporting healthcare workers can help prevent caregiver burnout especially in a time like this when we need them the most. It also shows how much the community appreciates the people that are working to save lives.

Following CDC guidelines, donating spare supplies to your healthcare workers, and sending encouraging voices from the community, family, and friends are essential in aiding nurses and doctors… The occasional bottle of wine is appreciated as well. 😉

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Sarah Jane Atikinson
Sarah Jane is studying graphic design and creative writing at Queens University of Charlotte. She loves spending time in the outdoors and reading a good book. On any given day she’d like to be designing, playing with a cat, or drinking a nice cup of tea. Find her on Instagram (sj_atkinson) or LinkedIn.


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