It’s Okay to Not Have Control Over Every Situation

Recognizing what we don't have control over creates opportunity.

Are You in a Position of Non-Acceptance?

Here are some key signals that you might not be in an accepting place.

Trying to control the present moment or reject what’s happening.

There are some phrases that one’s mind might go to, such as “this isn’t really happening”, “this isn’t my life” or “I can do more to control this moment.”

When you notice those phrases, you’re likely in a position of non-acceptance.

We might think that radical acceptance is giving up, resignation, or defining ourselves by our limitations, but that simply isn’t true.

Here’s the thing, when you recognize what you don’t have control over and ways that you have a choice, that’s actually an opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to move in a direction and take the first steps where you do have more choice and move in a direction that’s important to you.

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Leia Charnin, Ph.D.
Leia specializes in working with adolescents, young adults, and adults who are navigating difficult life events and want to live in a way that is more aligned with what they consider important. She believes that by learning ways to respond to emotional pain, we can commit to a more meaningful life path that fosters the opportunity to thrive.


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