Helicopter Parenting vs Authoritative Parenting


Helicopter Parenting vs Authoritative Parenting

Diana Baumrind, in her research at the University of California, identified the authoritative parenting style.

The authoritative parenting style is warm but firm. Parents have high expectations, but also provide high support.

This authoritative parenting style is widely acknowledged to result in children who are confident, flexible, resilient, and happy.

So… How do you strike the balance between warm and firm without teetering into helicopter parenting?

Remember that the definition we started this series with? Helicopter parenting is OVERprotective and EXCESSIVE interest.

In authoritative parenting, children are given room to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes, but parents are there to offer guidance and support.

Parents should protect and should be interested. The balance is to give support where it is appropriate, and not to the point of hindering their independence.

And remember, like most balancing acts, there will be good days and there will be days when it all seems to fall apart.

That’s okay! Part of authoritative parenting is being flexible and modeling that for your children too!

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