Are Fidget Spinners Helpful for Kids with ADHD?


Are Fidget Spinners Helpful for Kids with ADHD?

A question coming up a lot lately is whether fidget spinners are good for kids with ADHD.

For years I’ve been recommending that kids with ADHD have a fidget object like a hacky sack. It’s great!

You can manipulate it and play around with it. Physical activity does focus mental activity.

The thing about a hacky sack is it doesn’t bounce around, it doesn’t roll, and it’s boring to look at.

Which leads me to the problem with the fidget spinner.

It’s noisy and it’s really cool to look at. A fidget spinner is distracting and that defeats the whole purpose if you have ADHD.

So, I do recommend a hacky sack if you have ADHD, but not the fidget spinner. It’s a great toy though!

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Dr. Craig Pohlman
Craig is a learning expert who has helped thousands of struggling students in his psychology career. He’s written extensively about learning issues, including the book How Can My Kid Succeed in School? He has three sons, so he has been up close and personal with things like cramming for tests, scrambling to finish homework, shuttling kids to sports practices, stuffing backpacks, etc. Follow him on Twitter - @DrCraigPohlman


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