What NOT to Say When Talking to Your Teen About Marijuana


What NOT to Say When Talking to Your Teen About Marijuana

Here is a list of conversation killers to avoid when talking to your teen about marijuana.

1. Avoid making it one, all-or-nothing conversation. Be open to ongoing conversations. This can take the pressure off everybody.

2. Avoid reacting or overreacting in irrational or fear-based ways. Remember, not every disagreement is a conflict.

3. Don’t lecture or interrupt your teen. Do you want to sabotage a conversation with your teen? Then cut them off, talk over them, or immediately correct them about something.

4. Stop moralizing, judging, or condemning your teen. Making judgments about your teen will not help. Many parents especially fail in this area.

5. Stop generalizing other teens who use marijuana. Making judgments about teens or people who use marijuana will not help. Stay focused on your teen, their choices, and your expectations.

6. Stop generalizing marijuana risk with other drugs. The more you play fast and loose with facts, the less likely your teen will believe what you say is accurate or informative.

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