Video Games Are Driving Parents Crazy… Here’s One Thing They Can Do


Controllers Down: How Parents Can Teach Frustration Tolerance Through Video Games

One thing parents find frustrating with their kids and video games is that they can lose their temper.

They might jump around, yell, scream, and argue while playing games. When other kids are over and they are playing the game together, they could show poor manners to one another.

With that being said, I have a game I call “Controllers Down.” Controllers Down teaches frustration tolerance when playing video games.

They way it works is when playing video games, I will say “controllers down,” and the kids who are playing have to literally drop the controller.

They aren’t allowed to finish the level, pause the game, or save their spot; they have to drop the controller.

It’s a bit humorous when you have kids put their controllers down because they are really into the game. When they drop the controller, it could cause them to lose the game.

“Controllers Down” allows them to experience frustration and not take the game so personally. They are able to take a step back, take a deep breathe, and continue playing.

So, try playing “Controllers Down” with your children and let us know how their behavior changes over time!

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Dr. Frank Gaskill
Dr. Frank Gaskill is a licensed psychologist and co-founder of Southeast Psych, Psych Bytes, and Shrink Tank. He works with individuals on the Autism spectrum and consults on the development of Autism programs and private practice development across the country. Dr. Gaskill is the co-author of Max Gamer: Aspie Superhero as well as How We Built Our Dream Practice: Innovative Ideas for Building Yours.


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