Using Fortnite as a Parenting Tool


Using Fortnite as a Parenting Tool

Hi, I’m Dr. Frank Gaskill, and I’m here to talk to you about parenting and Fortnite.

I use Fortnite as a way to communicate with my kids and gaming in general as a nice way to engage in their world, but Fortnite has taken over the world.

If you haven’t heard of it, you literally live under a rock.

It’s highly social, it’s fun to play, and when you die in the game you actually want to follow the other players.

I use it as a way to connect with my kids and other kids.

We’re able to sit down, cooperate on teams, and talk about strategy, and it’s another way of getting into your child’s world and communicating that you value what they do.

They also take a lot of pride in showing off because most adults are really bad at these video games.

I highly recommend using Fortnite, bringing it in as a way to connect and build a deeper relationship with your kids.

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Dr. Frank Gaskill
Dr. Frank Gaskill is a licensed psychologist and co-founder of Southeast Psych, Psych Bytes, and Shrink Tank. He works with individuals on the Autism spectrum and consults on the development of Autism programs and private practice development across the country. Dr. Gaskill is the co-author of Max Gamer: Aspie Superhero as well as How We Built Our Dream Practice: Innovative Ideas for Building Yours.


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