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10 Ways to Build a Parent-Child Relationship

We are regularly inundated with different fragments of information on how to nurture our children. Parents want to make sure that we are doing the most excellent job that we can because we love our children. We want to have a positive relationship with our kids, so they can grow up to be happy individuals.

Here are 10 things all parents should be doing to cultivate a positive and healthy relationship:

1. To Properly Communicate

Teach your child how to express their needs and to advocate through proper communication appropriately. Encourage children to have some healthy relationships with others by teaching them ways of expressing themselves, whether its connection via email or text your child should know how to handle this task.

2. To Be Responsible

Responsibilities should not be a lost art. Children as young as two can learn how to do things for themselves. Things as simple as pitching in with chores like laundry, preparing meals, cleaning are all good ways to teach children responsibilities.

3. To Problem-Solve

Children need to be given an appropriate amount of time to figure something out that is difficult, while it may be hard to see your child struggle and you want to jump to their aid, it’s best to allow children to come up with ways to get through the difficult situation. While still providing, a safe and nurturing environment for learning to occur.

4. To Be Patient

With things so easily acquired at your fingertip, this skill is something that can be forgotten. Most stuff you gain takes time; it starts with something as simple as waiting for dinner. Involve your child in the process of cooking, and they can learn to appreciate the wait that it takes to prepare the meal. Do not have everything easily accessible, learning to wait and be patient can be used in all areas of life.

5. To Be in Charge of Their Routines

Routines such as waking themselves up on time, preparing the night before, getting started with homework are all ways to be accountable. Being responsible for the action that occurs when tasks are not followed through are lessons in life that are valuable.

6. To Learn How to Lose

Teaching children to learn with disappointment is an exceptional lesson to learn while still young. We want to see our children prosper, but sometimes things will not go their way even with their best effort, and that is okay. Allow children to learn that you put your best effort into whatever you are doing regardless of the outcome.

7. To Enjoy Downtime

Children do not need to be scheduled every hour of the day, not having anything to do is the perfect time to be creative. Being bored can bring out the best in children.

8. Working Hard is Intended for You

As parents, we sometimes feel the urge to pay off hard work. If your child worked hard to get good grades, we feel obligated to reward this effort. In reality that is not true, the reward was the excellent grade. Hard work ethic is something you want to teach your child whether or not they get another reward. Doing a good job is something that you do for you, no one else.

9. The Value of a Dollar

Financial success starts with having money management skills. Children need the opportunity to use money and understand how finances work. Help them develop this skill with conversations about money as well allowing them to have allowances to understand the relationship between hard work and the value of a dollar.

10. To Be Respectful

We all have different sets of values and beliefs, and children need to learn that this is okay. Teach them that while we all are different, it is our differences that make us unique. Everyone brings something to the table with unique backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoint and all of those things should be treated with value and respect.

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Bea Moise, M.S.
Beatrice Moise, M.S., BCCS., is a Mom to Awesome Jacob and Marvelous Abigail. Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, Parenting Coach at Creator of A Child Like Mine, LLC created to help parents of children with behavior issues and unique needs on the Autism Spectrum. She is a writer and has a monthly blog in Charlotte Parent Magazine called Thrive. Follow her on twitter @Bea_EsioM & @AChildLikeMine


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