Social Media and Depression


Social Media and Depression

In our country, depression and suicide are through the roof; some estimates are that suicide is up 35%.

I attribute this increase in part, not solely, to social media.

Teens, parents, and kids are using social media primarily to share their happy moments, such as the parties that they go to or the fun times that they’re having.

There’s also a portion of kids who are looking at those images and thinking “I’m not having as much fun as these people. I’m missing out.”

They have what’s called FOMO, which stands for “Fear Of Missing Out.”

FOMO can make people feel sad, lonely, or maybe add pressure to show the world that they’re actually having a lot more fun than they really are.

It’s a facade. It’s not real.

So, I encourage parents and teens to have conversations about social media, what’s appropriate, but please limit your usage of this.

Social media is not real life. Get out there and be real with people in person, not just on social media.

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