Are You an Octopus or a Turtle?

    Are You An Octopus or A Turtle?

    Question 1 of 5.

    When you are upset with a friend/partner/family member, which are you more likely to do?

    Try to talk to them.
    Say everything is fine and just move on.
    Question 2 of 5.

    When you know someone is upset, what do you do?

    Help them fix it. Make a game plan. Ask they how you can help. Duh!
    Hide or change the subject! They will get over it eventually.
    Question 3 of 5.

    When someone asks you, "what's wrong?", how do you typically respond?

    "Well, where do I begin? I'm feeling overwhelmed." (aka, you are openly honest, maybe too honest)
    "Everything is fine." (even if you are really, really mad)
    Question 4 of 5.

    Let's say your partner is more quiet than usual, what would you say?

    "Hey, you seem off, is everything okay? Are you sure?"
    You might not say anything at all. Maybe you'll crack a joke to get them to laugh or smile.
    Question 5 of 5.

    What feedback do you tend to get from friends or family members about how you handle conflict?

    "I wish you would give me more space every now and then and would trust me that I will be okay!"
    "I never know how you are feeling during conflict. It seems like you shut down sometimes."

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    Are You an Octopus or a Turtle?

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