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3 Key Steps to Creating and Living a Balanced Life

Creating and Living a Balanced Life

Can you truly have it all? Is it possible to have a complete and balanced work/home life? Would proper balance lead to a happier life?

The answer to all of these questions is yes, but it is not balanced as much as it is making proper adjustments. To create a balanced life, certain steps must be taken.


Step One: Know When to Say NO

You simply cannot do it all. Sometimes, you have to say NO to certain things to maintain equilibrium. It’s okay to turn down invites, or not volunteer. Saying NO to others can be a way to say YES to yourself.


Step Two: Tuning into Family Time and Tuning out the World

It is easy to get caught up with the rest of the world. With so many ways to stay plugged in, it becomes very easy to disconnect with family time.

Having a designated time, when the rest of the world is out of reach can be quite beneficial to your family and keep you tuned in.


Step Three: Prioritizing Tasks to Maximize Life

Not everything on your to-do is a priority, and it is best to allow things to be thought over and then revisited. Trying to complete everything on your list is not always beneficial.

Learn when to put down the list of tasks and maximize your life.

Can you truly have it all? Creating and living a balanced life is easier said than done. To create a balanced life, certain steps must be taken.

How to Avoid Burnout

Sometimes, before you know it, burnout can sneak up on us. We are irritable, less productive, and the people around us are starting to notice.

Burnout from the demands of life can begin to feel like an insurmountable mountain to climb back down, and regaining control does require deliberate decision-making.

First, we have to recognize that our current way of functioning is no longer sustainable. We simply do not have any energy left to keep all the balls in the air. Then, we must begin to decrease the stressors or life-draining aspects of our lives.

What responsibilities do I need to let go of? Where can I ask for help? What do I flat-out not have time for? But it’s not just about lowering our levels of stress; we also must increase what is life-giving.

Everybody needs intentional time with their families and friends; we need to carve out time to rest and to do the things in life that we enjoy.

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Bea Moise, M.S.
Beatrice Moise, M.S., BCCS., is a Mom to Awesome Jacob and Marvelous Abigail. Board Certified Cognitive Specialist, Parenting Coach at Creator of A Child Like Mine, LLC created to help parents of children with behavior issues and unique needs on the Autism Spectrum. She is a writer and has a monthly blog in Charlotte Parent Magazine called Thrive. Follow her on twitter @Bea_EsioM & @AChildLikeMine


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