How to Approach Situations With a Beginner’s Mind


“I know EXACTLY how this is going to go…”

Maybe you’ve had this thought cross your mind during a meeting at work or when having a difficult conversation with a friend.

Our brain likes to predict the future based on our experiences. Over time, we become confident in what we know, so we miss out on new information that could change old patterns for the better.

So, beginner’s mind is a mindfulness practice that asks us to approach old situations as if we were seeing them for the first time; with curiosity and nonjudgement.

Maybe there’s a person in your life who you’re convinced hates you. You’re starting to dread every interaction with them. Maybe you see everything as cold and distant.

Beginner’s mind would ask you to approach that situation as if you were seeing it for the first time.

What are you missing? Stick to the facts and be nonjudgemental. Be open to new observations. And lastly, don’t let what you know blind you from what you don’t know.

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