Do you feel it? That turbulence, it’s right there.
In the middle of your chest, I can feel it. Yes, it’s here.

It feels so good to hold on to the anger just for a little longer
I want to rage- I want to scream- It makes me feel stronger

They tell me to apologize, I can’t and won’t. There is no winning
I was only trying to offer help from the very beginning

Pushed into a corner—whatever I do, I feel like I’ll lose
Either a relationship, my self-respect, I am only your muse

Put me down, feel your power, tell me I’m wrong, feel your clout
I’m left feeling lonely—surrounded by shame and self-doubt

Maybe I should apologize, maybe I made a mistake?
I can’t tell anymore—I’m starting to wonder if the turbulence is heartache

The power of being misunderstood, to be seen for someone you’re not
The enormity of the emotion creates a major blind spot

Take a deep breath, good, now another. You’re doing great, and one more.
Now think of that teacher who said she is so proud of the things you stand for.

Remember the puppies who’ve loved on you just the way you are…
And the grandparent who would do anything to hug you right now if they weren’t so far

Remember the first time someone told you they loved you, and you believed it
And notice if that turbulence transforms into something that doesn’t quite fit

Let’s see if we can get you out of this corner you mentioned earlier, a little outlet
Hang with me because I want you to picture the person who made you upset

Close your eyes and image them sitting down in front of you
And imagine yourself telling them… “may you be happy, too.”

Continue telling them, “May you be happy, healthy, and secure.”
Repeat this to them over and over … and try not to end this premature

Soften your heart, as what you are offering is what every human wants
From every teacher, grandparent, friend, enemy, and aunt

Maybe now there is more space to think and move
Remember, you have absolutely nothing to prove

All you can do is be brave, authentic, and vulnerable
And if you are, you will never be comfortable

It is a choice, one we all have to make
And you are so brave to try this admits your heartache.

Laura Hamilton, M.Ed., NCC
Laura strives to facilitate insight, positive change, and growth for young adults and adults. In her work, she considers collaboration and the therapeutic relationship to be the foundation of change and healing. Laura helps individuals overcome difficulties such as substance abuse, adjustment to college, grief & loss, and relationship concerns.


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