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What Anxiety Wants What Anxiety NeedsWhat Anxiety Wants What Anxiety Needs

What Anxiety Wants, What Anxiety Needs

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In this webinar, Dr. Andrea Umbach discusses the different patterns of anxiety, what feeds anxiety, and how to maintain living with anxiety. Learning objectives: understand the big picture of anxiety, learn more about what anxiety craves, and discover how to shift goals toward adaptive living.


In this webinar, Dr. Andrea Umbach discusses what maintains anxiety and how to shift our goals to fight against anxiety’s traps.

About Dr. Andrea Umbach

Dr. Andrea Umbach is a licensed psychologist at Southeast Psych, Southpark. She specializes in treating individuals with anxiety, OCD, hoarding, and trichotillomania.

She practices from a cognitive-behavioral approach focused on increasing flexibility in thinking and making adaptive behavior changes. Dr. Umbach is the author of “Conquer Your Fears and Phobias for Teens” and founder of the Charlotte Anxiety Consortium.


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