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What does it mean to embrace the suck? The suck is the point during a task in which you want to give up. Mental toughness is important for personal growth.

Embrace the Suck! The 4 C’s of Mental Toughness

What Does It Mean to Embrace the Suck?Today, individuals looking for success are bound to find hot takes on the internet and in the popular press, on how...
At the end of the day, the athlete who learns resiliency through sports is the one who takes away more from the game than what any trophy provides.

The Agony of Defeat: Developing Resiliency Through Sports

Sports aren’t fair. There are rules and regulations put in place in an effort to create a fair environment for two teams or individuals to play for a winner, however, those boundaries placed cannot...
Mirror neurons are exactly like they sound- they fire in our brains the same way when we watch someone do something as they would if we do that activity ourselves.

Neuroscience Explains Why You’re a Crazy Sports Fan

Summer camps bring a lot of memories for people- swimming, cliff jumping, canoeing and more. Most people experience significant life moments at camp like when they had their first kiss outside their cabin or...
New year, new hustle! For 2018, what if we stopped hustling for perfection and our self-worth and instead practiced gratitude for the little things? When we make 2018’s goal to hustle for a picture-perfect year, we miss the beauty that is right in front of us. Here's how to hustle in a different way for 2018!

New Year, New Hustle

As the new year continues to settle in, social media continues to remind us how everyone was #blessed during 2017. How so?? Posts full of lavish weddings, large groups of friends on rooftops drinking...
Stress is, unfortunately, an aspect of life which is often unavoidable. If you can identify the source of your stress, you can tackle your stress head on!

Tackle Your Stress Head On: Performance Tips @Patsportsdoc

Tackle Your Stress Head On! Stress is, unfortunately, an aspect of life which is often unavoidable. However, if you can identify the source of your stress, you will be much more likely to manage it.Sometimes...