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Positive self-talk can be used to increase motivation or to help stick with a challenging task. Here are a few benefits and examples of positive self-talk.

Enhance Your Performance Through Positive Self-Talk

Positive Self-Talk, Negative Self-Talk, and Listening to Your Inner VoiceEach of us has an inner voice, a type of silent speech that accompanies virtually everything we do.
A pre-performance routine (PPR) can increase attentional focus, minimize distractions, and expedite the use of automated or well-learned behaviors.

Developing a Pre-Performance Routine (PPR) Can Help You Perform at a Higher Level

What is a Pre-Performance Routine? PPR Tips, Examples, and AdviceAn often under-utilized, yet effective, strategy to consistently perform at a high level is the use of a standardized, pre-performance...
WOOP: The Research-Backed Method For Achieving Goals and Changing Habits

WOOP: The Research-Backed Method For Achieving Goals and Changing Habits

WOOP: Wish. Outcome. Obstacle. Plan.All of us have an area that we would like to improve in or grow as a person.This could be...
What does it mean to embrace the suck? The suck is the point during a task in which you want to give up. Mental toughness is important for personal growth.

Embrace the Suck! The 4 C’s of Mental Toughness

What Does It Mean to Embrace the Suck?Today, individuals looking for success are bound to find hot takes on the internet and in the popular press, on how...
At the end of the day, the athlete who learns resiliency through sports is the one who takes away more from the game than what any trophy provides.

The Agony of Defeat: Developing Resiliency Through Sports

Sports aren’t fair. There are rules and regulations put in place in an effort to create a fair environment for two teams or individuals to play for a winner, however, those boundaries placed cannot...