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Psychologist Walter Mischel created the infamous marshmallow test to study and observe the idea of delay of gratification. The marshmallow experiment...

Marshmallow Test and Delay of Gratification: Raising Resilient Kids

Marshmallow Experiment by Walter Mischel Fifty years ago at Stanford University’s Bing Nursery School, psychologist Walter Mischel began what would...
Risk-taking leads to resilience. By nature, taking a risk means you might fail. If you couldn’t fail, then there is no risk. Because of this, the very act of taking a risk begins to cultivate mental and emotional toughness. The willingness to put yourself out there is a mindset that leads to great resilience.

Being Adventurous and Taking Healthy Risks: Raising Resilient Kids

This is the fifth in a series of six articles on how we can raise more resilient kids. Each article explores a practical way...
What I have found is that serving others creates greater resilience in people, but also that resilient people tend to be more other-centered. Other-centered people live longer and have a better sense of meaning and purpose. When people focus on others, they tend to be happier and have a greater sense of purpose.

Becoming Other-Centered: Raising Resilient Kids

The Guy Who Got Stuck Robert had just turned 18 and he seemed stuck in life. He barely graduated high school, had not made any...
A person with a fixed mindset believes that traits and abilities and performance are just based on the hand he has been dealt. By contrast, a growth mindset emphasizes the need for hard work and persistence. Here are five practical things you can do to nurture and develop a growth mindset in your children.

Developing a Growth Mindset: Raising Resilient Kids

Developing a Growth Mindset Years ago I worked with a teenager who was a skinny thing with a fiery temper. He had a mop of...
Allowing your child to fail is tough, heart-breaking, and scary, but it's necessary to prepare them for the world in the years to come. Experiencing a failure allows us to develop skills and give us hope in our ability to handle whatever life throws at us. The importance of failure when raising resilient kids...

The Importance of Failure: Raising Resilient Kids

Several years ago, one of my kids sheepishly saddled up beside me after dinner. From the look on her face, I knew something was...
“The world has become such a scary place,” a nervous mom told me not too long ago. “It’s so much harder to be a parent today than it used to be.” I think many of us would be inclined to agree with her. Nowadays, it's hard parenting in a scary world. That's why it's important to raise resilient kids!

Parenting in a Scary World: Raising Resilient Kids

“The world has become such a scary place,” a nervous mom told me not too long ago, her face tight with anxiety. “It’s so...
"Get into a good college”... “Not doing enough”... I hear these all-or-nothing statements in my office every day. Today’s teens are anxious and deeply impacted by the message that their worth is measured by report cards and acceptance into college. Today’s anxious and perfectionist teens are looking for guidance.

Today’s Teens Are Anxious: Understanding Their Struggles and Helping Them Cope

“Get into a good college”... “Not doing enough”... I hear these statements in my office at least once a day. Today’s teens are deeply impacted...