Monday, December 11, 2017


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Failure to Launch and Young Men: Mental Health Crisis

Failure to Launch and Young Men: The Mental Health Crisis

Young men are experiencing quarter-life crises at an alarming rate. Men are struggling to graduate college, step into the workforce, step into independent adulthood, and deal with adversity and setbacks in life.But what is behind this epidemic...
Thanksgiving Day Gratitude

Gratitude Is Good For Your Health: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving Day Gratitude It seems the entire nation skips right to the December holidays after Halloween costumes are put away. Black Friday previews creep into early November. Wintery holiday commercials are aired beginning in October,...
Let's Talk Lemons Why Autism and Aspergers Is The Next Stage of Human Evolution

Let’s Talk Lemons: Why Autism Is the Next Stage of Human Evolution

I want to change the way we think and talk about Autism.And it starts with a lemon.Lemons add flavor to our food, water, and tea. And Autism adds flavor to humanity. Too much lemon...
Regret concerns feeling guilty about the past. Pregret is regretting an action before you have done it. Regret is set in stone. Pregret shapes your future!

Practice Pregret Because Regret Is a Useless Emotion

Is Regret a Useless Emotion? I don’t like regret …it’s pretty much a useless emotion. There, I said it, and I realize that such a sentiment might seem rather strange coming from a psychologist. Now...

The Decline of Stuff: Millennials Are Going Minimalist

Where Did All the Stuff Come From? Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964) are the post-WWII generation. After the Great Depression and World War II, Americans married, moved to the suburbs, and started families at very high...