Moms: The Real-Life Superheroes

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Strength! Speed! X-Ray Vision!

Well, ask a mother about superpowers, and the wish list might be slightly different… The power to get my kids to listen. The power to make my kids stop fighting. Or, my personal superpower wish, infinite patience.

momsSeriously. Infinite patience is what I wish for. Because on the days I have more patience, everything else seems to work better. I have balance in my life. I enjoy being with my children and I’m 100 percent sure they enjoy their time with me more than when I’m not patient. And guess what? On the days I have the power of patience, they also listen better and fight less!

One of the tips I recommend to parents I work with is to focus on what went right during the day. We all tend to focus on the negative moments, but if we can shift our focus to what we did well during the day, then we can learn from strengths, and continue to build on them.

When I remember to take my own advice (which occasionally happens), and I look back at the days when I had my superpower of patience, I can almost always identify what went right.

momsThose are the days that started with self-care. Which in my case means a quiet (uninterrupted!) cup of coffee and an early morning workout. Feeling good, both physically and mentally, I’m in a more mindful place right from the start of the day. I set that tone for my children. I’m purposeful in how I talk to them, rather than reactive. I’m calmer, more thoughtful, more patient – superpower attained! And then lost…

Oh well, I’m not a superhero. And truthfully, even superheroes have obstacles that affect their powers. Superman may be able to leap over buildings in a single bound, but can he do that over a week’s worth of dirty laundry? My powers may come and go, but I’m working on it.

Happy Mother’s Day – may you find your superpower!

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